Welcome to the African Young Chefs Website

The African Young Chefs’ Competition has been designed by the Culinary Academy and the Culinary Arts Practitioners Association to foster friendships and collaborations between young chefs and schools, to recognise and reward talent and to encourage healthy competition amongst colleagues which is geared towards learning and an all round improvement in the skills required for the hospitality industry.

The Competition would have the following benefits;

Skills Development: Selected students are exposed to deeper training and skill building and would hone deeper culinary excellence.

Mentor Appreciation: The competition creates a platform to recognise and appreciate a faculty of instructors across the continent.

Pan- African Development: An opportunity to provide a platform and a network for Young chefs across Africa to have access to potential employers.

Broaden the Economy: The arrival of potentially 60 foreigners over a 4-5 day period would positively affect the bottom line of private and public earning.